Baler Twine
Synthetic polypropylene twine available in blue, bale of 2 reels.
Binder Twine
Natural sisal twine available as a reel.
Butchers Twine
Polyester twine available in white, red/white or blue/white.
Jute Sewing Twine
Natural jute twine which is available in a hank of 24 x 1.22m lengths.
Available in natural sisal twine (reels) or synthetic white polypropylene twine (reels or multi-end cops).
Plumbers Hemp


Natural jute twine used as a gasket seal.
Shop Twine

Natural jute, cotton or synthetic polypropylene general purpose string.
Tarred Marline


Available in traditional tarred twine or synthetic tarred twine.
Ticketing Twine
White synthetic polyester twine. Used for tags, parcel tying and whipping twine.
Market Garden Twine


Available in natural jute twine or synthetic polypropylene twine. Used in market gardening.
Waxed polyester twine available in a variety of sizes and colours.