Polyethylene fibrillated (hairy) marine rope, white in colour.


UV stabilised, knots well, light weight, floats, strong, abrasion resistant, easy to handle, works well in water, resistant to fungal attack.


Marine, Fishing, Mining, Construction, Rural, Trucking, Petroleum, Ladder Ropes, Nets, Tarpaulin Ties, Blasting Mats, Slings, Control Ropes, Head Lines, Ducting Draw Cords, Foot Ropes, Tow Ropes, Air Sea Rescue Lines and Cable Hauling.

*B/S—Breaking strengths quoted are based either on the Australian rope standards or in the absence of standards the manufacturers stated breaking strength. They are approximate and for comparison purposes only. Weights are approximate only. The breaking strength should never be considered as the safe working load of the rope.