Low stretch kernmantle braided descent rope.


Bricklayers Line

Builders Line – 8 Plait Nylon, Twisted Nylon and Cotton.


Braided Polyethylene Mono. Used in fishing and as a gasket seal.


Double Braid

Polyester braid on braid yacht rope.


Lead Core Line

Braided synthetic cord over inner lead core


Stiff plaited nylon cord used for mowers etc.


Polyester Cord, Plaited (Bistro Blind Cord)

General purpose plaited cord used for bistro blinds etc.


General purpose braided cord. Available in polypropylene and cotton.


Occy Strap . Polyester cover over elastic core.


Polyethylene 12 strand.


Spectra Cord

High strength, low stretch cord


Venetian Blind Cord

Small diameter cord used for blinds, curtains etc. Available in a variety of colours.



Roller door webbing. Flat braided polyester cover over rubber inner.