Exposed Aggregate and Coloured Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate finish is created by the removal of the top layer of the concrete by the application of a surface retardant and subsequent pressure wash leaving the aggregate stones and sand exposed to the surface. The result creates a highly durable, stylish and interesting textured finish suitable for almost any area particularly driveways where a non skid surface is ideal, to alfresco and patio areas, pathways and footpaths. The options are endless and with a large range of colours and styles to choose from an Exposed Aggregate finish will certainly enhance the look and feel of your property. Check out the Samples available from the Holcim Range of Exposed Aggregate Concrete.

Coloured Concrete

If you are after a more stylish option than the traditional plain grey concrete then coloured concrete is the answer. Take plain grey concrete one step further with the addition of some colour. Coloured Concrete is a standard grey or cream concrete mixed with a coloured oxide resulting in a more modern look and finish. Coloured Concrete is suitable for many areas such as driveways, alfresco, patios and pathways. With a large range of colour options there is something available to certainly enhance the look and feel your property. It is recommended to apply a sealing product to coloured concrete finishes to protect the surface from dirt and staining and to enhance the colour.

Please see our FAQ’s for more information on our standard inclusions for our Exposed Aggregate and Coloured Concrete Finishes.

Exposed Aggregate Colour Selection